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Dre Youngn

dre youngn

One of Kansas City's finest, this veteran has progressed the town's sound for years now. Speaking only from experience and expressing his struggles through the music, Dre Youngn will find ways to remind you of the harsh days you must overcome to be victorious in KC. 



Tiggz is one of Kansas City's most talented artist in the current  musical climate. With vocals that will captivate you, to verses that can move the room, his music will continue to evolve at a rapid pace.

Dufflebag Nate


Coming from the gutter and emerging as one of Kansas City's most successful artists, Dufflebag Nate's music is only for the gritters. The OG's respect him and his music reflects it.

NBG Welch


Maturity in his life has shown through Welch's music. As an artist who has worked with talent of all eras in Kansas City, he continues to grow and attack each beat as if it owes him. Welch's star will only ascend as time passes.



The SouthSide Superstar has emerged from Grandview. Missouri and taken the city captive with his lyrical abilities. His music is created for positive vibes only so beware!



There isn't a beat that's been created that Clarke Blunt can't defeat. His verses collide with the best and his versatility is unmatched. With an ever-adapting flow, CB will capture your attention as a lyrical genius and entertain you with his own version of KC's original sound.

TonTon #2


With the ever-evolving wordplay, #2 has scratched and clawed to have his name mentioned among the up and coming elites. Taking the ups and downs of his life, TonTon use's his pen to express himself like few truly can. 

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